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Pastie Glue

Get those pasties stuck with some pastie glue! Dries clear and non sticky, perfect for pasties, merkins, wig lace and other costume glue downs. 

The perfect portable size bottle for your makeup kit, show bag or handbag with a handy applicator wand in the lid. 

Works best when applied to the skin and the pastie as this glue is a contact adhesive that sticks to itself. Apply thin layer to skin and to pastie, leave to half dry until it is sticky, then apply pastie and hold on for a few minutes while they stick. Best to apply at least 20min before use, this will ensure a good solid application. 

To remove glue, take off pastie carefully and then use any type of oil, baby oil and coconut oil work well, to remove glue residue. 

Glue brand is Pros-Aide Cosmetic Adhesive and is Latex Based

Pastie Glue

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