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Empress Eyrie
"The Goddess of Bad-Ass, the Sappho Siren.


Empress has been catching your eyes and hearts on stages for most of her life in dance and theatre. Now with her beautiful, bizarre and unique style of burlesque, belly fusion and performance art she is rocking stages all over Australia.

An experienced artist, performer and all round magical creature there is nothing routine about her routines. A queer and feminism activist Empress strives to empower women to own their power and really grab it with both hands (and then rhinestone it!).


Empress is a multifaceted artist who dips her toes in many fields, not just performance. An accomplished photographer, model and creator Empress is just obsessed with making art. Winner of Miss Tattoo Australia 2018 Glamour Queen Empress not only creates art but wears it with her large collection of tattoos. 


Travelling Australia to perform and take photos is Empress’s passion and being able to do that is just beyond her wildest dreams.

A walking gallery Empress aches to bring Art to the world in all its forms, her moves will move you, her sway will seize you, her hips will hypnotise you.

Make way for The Empress."


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Miss Tattoo Glamour Queen 2018 
Miss Tattoo Canberra Runner Up 2018
Burlesque Idol Canberra 2019 Runner Up

Available for modelling and burlesque bookings. Get in touch for current rates.

Burlesque from Empress Eyrie

Up Coming Shows & Appearances 

Where to see Empress performing next


* Miss Burlesque Australia - ACT Heats - 5th December 2020

 The Abby Function Centre 

Due to COVID19 Empress has limited show dates for the foreseeable future. 

Follow Empress on social media for updates or go to Empress Eyrie on Patreon for performance footage, uncensored content, behind the scenes and more. 

Current Burlesque Acts 

Click the images to see more information on each act. Get in touch to book Empress for your next show or event.


Click images to see full a description each act.

Little Bo Peep
She has lost her sheep, but I am sure with some help she can find them...
A very cheeky and fun neo cosplay burlesque routine. Based off Toy Story character of Little Bo Peep with a cheeky twist.

Currently available for booking.
My Walking Stick
A powerful emotional act about coming to terms with being a walking stick user. Empress has struggled with her disability but has now turned that into art. Loud, powerful, aggressive neo burlesque routine.

Currently available for booking.
Gasoline Falcon
A glamorous bird transforms back to a woman. A dark ethereal routine featuring a huge feathered cape and black mask, slow build up, impressive peak with 2.5+m wing span.

Currently available for booking.

Stage Note, the costume for this act is large and does not work well in venues with low ceilings.
Harley Quinn(New52 & Classic Harley)
Harley Quinn Acts

- New 52's
Fun, a little bananas, poppy and very sexy this neo burlesque routine is based off the modern New 52 Comic books.

- Classic
Based off the classic Dr Harleen comic book version of Harley. Starts as Dr.Quinzel ends as Harley Quinn classic style strip tease with added cheek and silly.

Currently available for booking.
Moon Cup Friend
A short fun dedication act to the humble menstrual cup. Features large white "moon-cup" costume and giant vegan boa. Short, sweet and amusing.

Currently available for booking.
Flapper Fairy
A very fun high energy neo burlesque routine with an electro-swing vibe. Features large fairy wings.

Currently available for booking.
A fusion routine of Belly Dance, Burlesque and Heavy Metal.

Currently available for booking.
Jack Frost
Jack Frost is about and is not playing around. This creepy neo burlesque routine shows that not all that sparkles is sweet.

Currently available for booking.

Stage Note, depending on travel requirements large walking stick prop not always available with act.
Shadow On The Wall
A dark sensual Metalesque routine with a sacrificial demonic vibe. A willing sacrifice hands herself over to a flame.

Currently available for booking.

Stage Note, act features wax pour with drop sheet.
A sensual striptease neo burlesque routine featuring a large oversized feather mow-hawk headdress.

Currently available for booking.
The Empress
The Empress Tarot card is one of the most powerful of the deck. This neo burlesque routine embraces the femininity that card represents with a sexy messy end.

Currently available for booking.

Stage Note, stage mess with drop sheet provided.
A Metalesque routine addressing the idea of being a slave to a corporate life and setting free your soul. Features large lace costume reveal.

Currently available for booking.
Improvised Burlesque/Roving
Rate per 30min intervals
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