Red & Black Heart Pasties with Tassels
Black Outlined Red Broken Heart Pasties on Heart Shape Base with long 10cm Rhinestoned Detachable Tassels
Glass and acrylic rhinestones on semi-flexible plastic backing. 
Long lush detachable tassels for variety. 
Hand made in Australia.
IMPORTANT NOTE - These tassels were hand dyed this colour and have been washed thoroughly but may leak colour first use, please be aware and detach and wash in cool water with very mild detergent if is the case. 
Size:  approx 9cm x 7cm 
Care Instructions : Water resistant, do not pour boiling water on them. Clean with a soft brush. Store in a safe place away from direct sunlight. Do not crush! 
Other sizes can be made to order, contact Empress for custom orders.

Red & Black Heart Pasties with Tassels